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                    10 April 2013

Extension activities

After consultation with our donors, we have decided to expand with a new country, where we also have many contacts. 
Since early 2013 we financially support the activities of a Catholic parish in Mexico City. The "Our Lady of Consolation" church in the district of Alamos, see photo.
They do a lot to reducing poverty in the community.

Without our financial contribution can not run this. 



Our project in Cuba is becoming real

Why Cuba?

It is known, that the Cuban economy has collapsed entirely, after the Soviet Union terminated their support to Cuba. Because of this, the Cuban population has become extremely poor.
In Cuba, food can only be obtained with food coupons, stores are empty and the population has a great need for the basic life necessities, such as drinking water, electricity and fuel.

Our organization has build up a lot of experience in raising and leading agricultural businesses in Eastern European countries.
Now it is time to put our experience and knowledge to use in an other continent where it is needed.

Cuba is the forgotten developing country, but it stands on the same path, as the Eastern Europe countries.

The situation in Cuba

Lately, there have been big changes in Cuba. First of all, over 1 million people got fired and lose thereby the little income they had. However, it did get easier to start up private businesses, although the people in Cuba do not have all the goods, the knowledge and the experience, which is needed for setting up a business.
We believe, that our foundation can provide these needs. We would like to prepare and lead them in the right direction, so they can become solid and independent businesses.

The goals - as stated by the Cubans:

1. To advance the integral dignity of the family.

2. To start up a joint project, where the mutual help, solidarity and collectively are used as the principles for the relation between the farmers concerned in the project.

3. Making it possible to finance the farmers with too little economical means to help them develop farming and stock farming.

Where are we now?

After our exploration trip in Cuba, we have been looking for a trustable contact group, who could coach us in our projects in Cuba.
The contact group we found 2 years ago was the Focolare movement in Cuba. We have visited them and we have seen some of their proposed project possibilities.
We thought and we still think that it is very important, that the project idea's have to come from themselves. This makes the project very special, because there is no organization like ours currently active in Cuba.
The Cubans involved have even presented and proposed a budget of the projects (although we still used our calculation method and completed the budget where it was needed).

The businesses

Together with the Cubans involved, we have chosen 4 places in 2 area's to start our projects.
We have chosen for this approach, so we could spread the risk and because the Focolare is responsible for this.

The projects concern 2 small sheep farms, a poultry farm and a communal tree nursery. The last one is an elaboration of a communally mixed stock farm, from which they already feed an old people's home.

Example function

In Cuba, it is not very common to set up businesses. It is only allowed to do so since recently, but there is a lack of means and knowledge.
Even more unusual, is to work according to the principle of ´Economy of the Community´.
In a country where everyone has to fight for their existence, these kinds of businesses will have an example function in society, to show how it also can be done.

We believe, that we also set an example for the many Eastern-European foundations.
Now that direct help is not so much needed in Eastern-European countries, we would like to find a way to keep on sharing our knowledge and experiences.
Sometimes this means that you have to cross the ocean to continue your ideals.

Budget classification

The budget we need to help set up all the planned businesses in Cuba is about €12,500, of which € 2,500 is going to be invested by the Cubans.
The preparation expenses and the guidance until now and in the future are completely covered by the Hungary Foundation.


We have notified different organisations and individuals to help support this unique project.

Now we are asking for your financial contribution, so we can realise the Cubans ´ dream.


Name of organisation: Stichting Hongarije
Adress: Leeuweriklaan 5, NL-7203 JD Zutphen, The Netherlands
Tel.nr.: +31 575 519715
Bank: Rabobank, Zutphen
Bank Nr: 113 260 148
IBAN: NL71 RABO 0113 260148



General Information



A Dutch-Hungarian group established the Hungary Foundation in 1992 in Gouda, the Netherlands. The founders already had a regular contact with the countries behind the iron curtain from 1978. Since 1985 goods have been sent to these countries and right after the uprising in Romania in 1990, the founders brought a load of medicines to Romania.



The foundation tries with all means possible to encourage the European unity and to support the people in the former Eastern bloc countries.This aim is recently extended with another unique country: Cuba, where the circumstances are comparable to the former Eastern bloc countries. At this moment the first preparations are made for setting up small-scaled businesses in Cuba.



Direct support by bringing goods, giving courses for starting entrepreneurs and setting up businesses and manage them, this all in close collaboration with other organizations. CountriesHungary has not always been the main focus of the Hungary Foundation; the activities have been extended to a lot of countries, with which close contact is still maintained. These countries are: Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Turkey. The foundation also has cooperation contracts with Germany and Italy. For two years Cuba joined this list as well.



Partners in the Netherlands: the foundation has been collaborating with a lot of organizations and governments in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MATRA program), SOG (Gouda), COS, Habitat Platform, VNG International, the Hungarian Embassy, PUM, different Political Parties, Churches and many other coordinated organizations and foundations.



AdministrationThe Hungary Foundation works by making projects. For every project a separate financing is found. The headquarter of Alfa Accountants and Advisors in Wageningen do the financial administration of the Hungary Foundation. The Alfa Accountants and Advisors do these administrations and distribute the annual financial report for the foundation for free.


Sympathizers and Supporters

The Hungary foundation has a small but loyal group of volunteers in and around Gouda (Reeuwijk, Boskoop etc.). Some of these volunteers support a specific project (such as the Tuinders from Boskoop, who support the Gardencenter project in Romania) others help with collecting goods. Some volunteers also give advice with their specific knowledge for the ZMLK schools. Request The Hungary Foundation regularly receives all kinds of goods from their supporters, meant for Eastern Europe. This is all very valuable and needed and we are thankful for this support.Still, one has to realize that these goods have to be transported for about 2000 km to the countries where it is needed.The transport costs are financed by the foundation.Therefore, to help realize these costs, or to help support our projects with goods or financial donations, we kindly request you to contact us.


You can make a donation on the following account:

Rabobank :1132.60.148


IBAN : NL71RABO0113260148

In the name of: Stichting Hongarije in Zutphen


 Donations are fiscally deductible